Picks For The Win: Toyota Save Mart 350 @ Infineon

The First Road Course of the season.

No Brainers

1. #24 Jeff Gordon  He’s had his fair share of success here

2.  #9 Marcos Amberose  The Australian almost won here last year…as long as he doesn’t turn off his engine going up hill he could actually pull it off this time.

3. #42 Juan Pablo Montoya Montoya won here in his rookie season and is stellar on road courses usually.

Guys To Watch

1.  #51 Boris Said  He makes road racing very interesting!

2. #22 Kurt Busch Can he continue to ride this recent wave of success?  Let’s see!

3.  #7 Robbie Gordon  Maybe he’ll get a top 20 finish since this is a road course.  Who knows?

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