Poppies: Red Or White?

I recently logged into MSN Messenger (yes, some people still use that) and I saw this article which stated that some individuals were upset that some other people in their work places were wearing white poppies instead of the traditional red ones.  After reading the reasons for that switch, I saw no problem with that.  Where the red poppies symbolize remembrance for those soldiers who died in the line of duty, defending our freedom in both World Wars.  The White poppies symbolize remembrance for everyone who died in all major wars in recent history.  That would also include soldiers who fought in the line of duty.  Some like one while some like the other.  In the end it doesn’t make a huge difference…either way you are remembering those who died fighting for the freedoms we take for granted every day.  So, Why the controversy?  You could wear both if you really wanted to.

Source of Inspiration: http://thefolo.ca/2010/11/poppy-controversy-annual-part-of-remembrance-day.html

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