Prom And Circumstance

It was a warm (but not too warm) June day.  I had just graduated from high school and the afternoon was reserved for getting ready for the prom.  Of course I had a date and she was gorgeous.  I can see enough to know that.  I got my tux all ready and then proceeded to go pick her up…well my folks and I drove to her place since I can’t actually do that, but you know what I mean.  She looked even more beautiful in her dress.

After we picked her up, we proceeded over to the home of some friends of ours so that we could take pictures.  I thought this will be alright, after all I get to have pictures taken with a beautiful woman!  I didn’t think there would be that many cameras and flashes, which eventually started bothering my eyes.  One time one of my friends who was taking pictures asked me to get closer to my date.  I then accidentally stepped on her dress!  No harm, no foul though, so we kept doing poses for an hour.

Then we went down town for the main event!

The first thing to do was find our table so we could eat with our friends

The venue was rather dark and lit with black lights, not so good for my eyes.  Not to mention the table numbers were written in a small font.  However, I was not worried one bit, because my wonderful prom date found our table pretty much right away.  We sat and ate with our friends.

Then it was time to dance!

And by dance I don’t mean, grind your partner and pretend to have sex in public.  That’s not classy.  I’m talking about actual dancing, we did ballroom style all night.

It was great!

Somewhere near the end of the night, during a slow waltz song, a certain young man was apparently jealous and wanted to dance with my prom date.  Instead of asking, he tried to separate us by f0rce.  I was trying to dance us away from him and somewhere in the struggle he suddenly disappeared into the crowd.  To this day I still am not sure what happened, but he didn’t bother us again.

After this minor detail we kept on dancing!

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