Reaction to The Debate

So this Election Debate went like every single one before it.  with the Prime Minister Harper (Conservative Leader) taking a bunch of heat for random nit picky yet key issues (that he was actually working on).  Iggy (Liberal Party Leader) and Layton (NDP) took shots at him all night.  Harper calmly answered all their questions.  As they got more agitated and aggressive (nobody likes being the opposition) Harper continued to stay calm even in the heat of immense pressure.  Gilles Doucette (Bloc) continued to bring up matters of the past which were irrelivent to the task at hand.  However, Doucette did his job representing Quebec’s interests in front of Stephen Harper, who in turn calmly fielded his questions with answers.  The main thing the opposition wants PM Harper to do it would seem is to solve all of these problems they bring up right away.  Harper claims that they are indeed working on all of them.  In a sense I can actually believe him.  Perhaps if Canadians didn’t need to go to the polls every 3 years, maybe he could actually  work on his vision for Canada instead of having to worry about campaigning all the time.  Harper himself stated that this election was unnecessary.

As for how this will all turn out, I have no idea, we’ll have to wait until voting day.  All I’ve got left to say is those guys who moderate these debates are extremely calm considering the bickering they have to put up with…I was waiting for that guy to snap, but he never really did…which was a good thing I guess.

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