Seems Like Bad News Is All You Hear

It’s depressing watching the news these days.  All you hear about is how the war is still “progressing” in Afghanistan and Iraq, meanwhile many countries are living beyond their budgets and are now paying the consequences for that by going int ridiculous debt.  there are violent protests going on all over the Arab world as they experience something similar to Prague in the spring of 1968.  Then there’s the Occupy “Movement” which seems to have slowed now that winter has happened…these people still don’t know what they’re fighting for.  Then there are the countless stories you hear about lustful marriages not working out, people walking out on people for no reason.  Then there’s the countless murders that take place every day all over the world, whether it is through suicide bombers or a single gun man…or woman.  Oh yeah, and there’s extreme poverty all over the place…sometimes affecting people and places you wouldn’t expect.

How did we ever let things get this bad?

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