Sex, Dogs, and Excrement

Watch me offend pretty much everyone with this post.  Swearing has become an everyday thing, and it’s regular usage is now praised amongst every age group including children. Anger is seen as a badge of honour these days.  As soon as you’re angry you should let others others know right away!  There’s no quicker way to do that than to swear.  Swearing shows dominance, and supposedly forces people to pay attention to you.  It doesn’t matter that the words you’re using don’t make any sense.  Refraining from swearing in an effort for self control is seen as a lack of honesty, even a sign of weakness. Really?  Whether we like it or not, words have original meanings, no matter how much we want to change them.  The word bitch has gone from referring to a female dog, to a derogatory term for a woman, and finally to an almost endearing term for a woman.  The original meaning of the word is always there though, and it’s never made sense to me.  Same goes for the other two of the big three.  Fuck will always mean sexual intercourse, and shit will always mean poop.  It doesn’t matter how much society tries to pretty then up, or what parts of speech they are used.  For the record, I do try really hard to keep it clean.  Self control and descression are worth pursuing in an age where anger and leaving nothing off the table are both extremely trendy for the time being.  All around me, these swear words are so common place that they are actually boring and I stop listening.  This is the exact opposite of their original intention, I know.  Once I heard a guy use the F-bomb ten times in one sentence.  He was an old guy too, so this trend has been around a long time.  I have a theory as to why these words are used so much.  They reach back to three types of pleasures most people (not me) can’t stand to be without.    The need for companionship, like you allegedly get with a dog, and the perceived need for near constant sex will always be there for most people, and they’ll remind themselves as many times as they want that those things are out there for them.  Relieving one’s self is one of the first things we learn as a kid.  Some people want to keep being a kid their whole lives, thus, they will find any way possible to incorporate the memory of that pleasure into their everyday lives.

The English language is full of better adjectives to describe things.  Yet certain folks will always have a heavily justified reason, though that doesn’t make you sound more professional or interesting, for using the big three.

People will argue that the amount a person swears should be no reflection on a person’s intelligence, but this is shallow and misleading.  It certainly wouldn’t HELP in judging a person’s intelligence.  There are thesauruses and dictionaries out there people, use both of you have to.

There is one curse that is worse than all the others.  When people say “Jesus Christ!” or “Oh my God!” as curse words.  This is the triune God of all the universe and you only mention His name when you’re angry?  Even other people who say they are followers of Christ will do this like it’s no big deal even though it’s one of the Ten Commandments to only use God’s name in a reverent, respectful manner.  After all he did die on a cross to pay the penalty we deserved for all our sins, rising again three days later, defeating death and hell (which is real by the way and it exists to glorify God) so that those of us who accept His gift of salvation (its open to anyone and not performance based) can have eternal life with Him and not have to be in hell.  After all that work and the work Christ continues to do for us every day, respect is not much to ask.  One thing I don’t get is, for those who hate Jesus Christ and are bent in not having Him as their Lord and savior, why would you want to mention His name at all?

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