She Knocked Me Off My Feet

In the dying days of summer, here is a story that will take you back to the heat of it.

One summer, I worked at a summer camp.  It was a blast.  I got paid to hang out with kids and play guitar all day.  As with all good camp stories told by a man, there is always  a woman of striking beauty.  This one is no different.  We’ll call her Elaine.  Elaine worked with me quite often during the summer and we became great friends, in fact we still are.  One night she was facilitating “Night Games” which any camper knows is the highlight of camp.  Today’s game was a variation of capture the flag, except we used little hoops.  Everyone is running around the field in utter chaos, because that is how you truly play capture the flag.  We played a few rounds and then we played one where it was staff versus kids.  A few other staff members and I got a line on where one of the flags was and we decided to blitz for it.  This surprise speed attack would have worked fine if I hadn’t stumbled over a kid.  I cannot see much of anything in the pitch dark, so to avoid any other instances of that happening, I took myself out of the game.  It wasn’t so bad, now I got to hang out with Elaine.

Elaine was interested in trying to get an understanding of how much I could see.  She asked me if I could see the stars.  I said “No.”  She thought that was sad, because apparently they were really nice that night.  So then we started talking about some other things until the night game was over.

After the night game, we had a campfire with the campers, you know, where you sing songs and generally have a good time.  This happens every night at camp and they loved it.

After campfire was over it was time to head to our cabins.  Elaine greeted me again, and I said something like “Hey!” because I couldn’t see her in the pitch black, I walked in the direction I thought she was, but unfortunately for her, she was not as far away from me as I thought, and I ran right into her.  It was so sudden that I fell backwards and tripped over a log (Definitely not the smoothest move I had made in front o a woman.)

I apologized profusely, because this sort o thing doesn’t happen to women, or people in general.  Elaine was gracious enough and accepted my graphology.  Then she walked with me as I headed back to my cabin.

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