Teleportation: It’s Biblical, So Why Can’t We Do It Now?

Yes Teleportation is a Biblical concept just read Acts 8 and you will see that it did exist in biblical times. The story in Acts 8:26-36 of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunich proves that.  A good friend of mine has also written an interesting article on this topic.  I do not intend to rebuke him, because I can agree with pretty much all the points he is making in his article “Beam Me, God”.  I intend to provide a possible theory as to why God does not see fit to allow teleportation to the masses as of yet.  I do believe that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).  However, God tends to preform miracles only to glorify himself.  He does not do this out of egocentricism, He does this because he is God.  God is all knowing, since he created every one of us on this earth, he knew at that time there would be an Ethiopian Eunich who needed to hear the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.  God also knew that Philip was the right man to bring the message to this poor Eunich.  (the Eunich was not financially poor as he was the treasurer for Candace, the queen of Ethiopia…he was just missing out on other things) God also knew that Philip was nowhere near that man at the time, so God resorts to teleporting (as you will read…in different words if you click on the first hyperlink) Philip so that he can give the gift of salvation to this Ethiopian Eunich.

Now, you may ask yourself after reading that scripture, “Why can’t God use teleportation in ministry today?…It’d make ministry and other things so much faster.”  To answer that question we must look at the historical background of the story.  At that time in the middle East there were no cars, everyone was walking everywhere they went.  Because of this, almost everyone was most likely in good shape, God could spare Philip a long walk by teleporting him, knowing that he would still remain in good shape afterward.  If God used Teleportation as a ministry / transportation tool today, I know that in modern, western society at least, we would become extremely out of shape both physically and mentally…due to lazyness.  It is because of this Western tendency of lazyness and complacence that God knows the vast majority of western civilization would just take advantage of it in ways that would not glorify him.  Just like when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  That and God knows exercise is not bad for us!

With all that being said, if God chooses to bless someone with the gift of Teleportation to advance His kingdom…who am I to stop that?

God is in control, and he will accomplish his will for the world the way he sees fit, using the people he chooses in the ways that he wants to.

Just a thought to ponder.

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