The Apartment Drama: Are You Selling The Organ?

It was a dull afternoon in the small community where I live.  I was washing dishes.  after filling the sink I decide to listen to my iPod as I clean the plates and cutlery left over from the previous meal

I search for an outlet.  The closest one that I know of is located behind a small brown organ (which is in such bad shape that it is unfit to be played as a musical instrument) that has belonged to my apartment mate Gene’s family for generations.  He was the one who got stuck with it.

Nevertheless,  I carefully move it out to a 45 degree angle away from the wall so I can access the outlet and plug in my speakers.

In no time I am listening to all my tunes at a volume that is loud enough to be fun but not so loud that it would annoy the other people who live in the building.

Suddenly the front door bursts open and in comes Gene.  He immediately sees the organ at a new and different angle and asks in a desperate and high pitched voice, “are you getting rid of the organ?”  He begins to hyperventilate.

I reassure him that I am not getting rid of it and had no plans to get rid of it.  I had just wanted to plug in my speakers.

After 15 minutes Gene calms down and life continues as normal…or as normal as it gets around here anyway.


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