The Apartment Drama: Ch Ch Ch Choices

This series does indeed still exist.  However, I have been behind in it for various reasons that would bore you if I explained them fully right here, right now.  This event is actually from a while ago, but you wouldn’t know if I had not told you.  So, let’s get into it.


Gene and I are driving to a certain grocery store which will not be named here, because quite frankly I don’t feel like it.  Anyway, Gene is doing his typical careful driving and fake cursing all the drivers who dare pass him.  You know, the words that you use to cover for the actual curse words.  I don’t feel the need to go into detail here, but if he picked up the pace, other folks wouldn’t pass him.

Finally we get to said store.  Grocery shopping is normal and boring, until we hit the deodorant aisle.  Then it hits a whole new low.  I stood there for half an hour while Gene attempted to select one from the choices available.   After much silence, he asks,

“How do you pick deodorant?”

“I just buy whatever’s cheapest, and then I get out of there.”  I said.

“Oh..” he replied.

It is that easy.

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