The Apartment Drama: I Thought You Were Dead!

“Bri!” came the desperate cry from the kitchen.

I emerged from my room to see what was the matter this time.

Gene was washing dishes, one of his favourite things to do.

“You called?”

“I thought you were dead!” gasped Gene.

This was a new one.  I had been sick for a day and a half earlier that week, but that was days ago and things were back to normal now.

Then I thought, was he planning something that didn’t happen?  but I offer him a simple “Why would you think that?”

“you haven’t made a sound all day!” he exclaimed, with more enthusiasm than was necessary.

“So you assumed I was dead…” I dead panned.  It seemed appropriate enough to do that considering the topic.

“Well, yeah!” he said matter of factually.

“I’m not dead, just a lot quieter at going about my business I guess.”

“I’m glad your alive!” Gene replied super cheerfully.

“…and I’m glad you didn’t freak out to the point of calling people…” I stated.

I returned to my room and continued what I was working on.  Gene, very much relieved, continued to do the dishes.

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