The Apartment Drama: Just Airing It Out

Apartment Drama

***The part of the blog where I talk about the subtle nuances of apartment living.

So without further to do…

I was sitting at my computer working on a previous piece for this blog one evening.  A slight breeze was blowing through my window.  Suddenly, the smell of pleasant breeze was replaced by the disgusting smell of cigarettes, old carpet, and stale coffee.

This immediately killed my desire to write any longer.  I had to investigate.

I wander out from my room into the kitchen to find my roommate. Let’s call him Gene for fun.

Gene is seated at the kitchen table, looking so content it’s scary.  He is buried in one of his many devotional books.  I turn to look at the front door.

…It’s wide open…


He looks up, startled, bewildered, and confused as ever.  (Since this is your first time, you should know this happens a lot)

“Any idea why the front door is wide open?” I inquire.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” replied Gene, “I was just airing the place out from supper.”

I have plenty to say to this in my mind, but it is of little use.   I continue past him and head out the front door, locking it behind me, all the while wondering how cigarettes and carpet apparently smelled better than the supper we had consumed recently.

However, in life there are some questions we will never have answers to.

When I returned later that night the fresh air blowing through the windows combined with the lack of stench coming in through the (now closed) front door had done the trick.

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