The Apartment Drama: Kamikaze Rice

I was working on some things just before lunch when I hear this unearthly scream.


You’ve got to be kidding me!”

growled the voice.

It was as though the abyss of hell itself had opened up, right there in my kitchen, and a demon had crawled out.  I figured I should go check it out.

I rush into the kitchen as the voice had sounded urgent.  For all I knew I might have to take immediate action to solve a life or death situation.

There stands Gene, in the middle of  next to a pile of rice that used to exist in a plastic container.

“Back off Bri!  There’s rice everywhere!”

I do as he requests, even though it’s not like the rice is going to hurt me.  It’s not broken glass after all.

Gene sweeps up the rice and we eat lunch.

During lunch Gene continuously laments about how he should have put the cover on the container in a more sturdy manner and it was all his fault.

While this is true.  I tell him not to worry about it.  That one of us could make more rice later.

This did not immediately diffuse the situation as Gene was still in the middle of beating himself up.  As if that would solve the problem.

Gene then came to the conclusion, on his own, that he needed to slow down when he was dealing with fridge leftovers.   He was then able to move on.

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