The Apartment Drama: Maybe It’s Me

What if I haven’t been as good a friend or roommate as Gene needs me to be?  The guy sees me as family, even as a brother, and I probably haven’t been as there for him as I could be.  

My own selfishness has gotten in the way most likely.  The guy likes nothing more than to have long conversations and I can only hold my own for about five minutes.  I can’t seem to make things even conversation wise.  Every time I talk about something I get misconstrued and whatever  the topic was, it gets blown up into something bigger and more offensive than I ever intended.  I have skills he would like to learn, and I haven’t taken the time necessary to teach him everything I know.  It could have been beneficial.

It’s possible I haven’t been as good a friend to him as others might be.  Everyone goes through stuff all the time.  Often I don’t feel like I know how to help people when they go on about their troubles.  I’m always left saying the wrong things and subsequently making things worse.

Maybe I’m the one causing the drama, as funny as this series has been,  and all this time I’ve been too dumb to notice.

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