The Differences Between Female Friends…And Little Sisters

I suppose you cannot have one without the other.  Every female friend a person has is typically someone’s sister (unless of course this female friend was an only child).  However, there are vast differences that I have found between these two roles in society for some reason.

Let me show you what I mean:

Female Friends generally enjoy your company no matter what you happen to be doing (that’s why their friends with you)

Little Sisters generally could care less if you hung out or not.

Female Friends like you for who you are…if they didn’t they’re not really friends are they?

Little Sisters sometimes criticize your every move and demand that you change your entire lifestyle in order to fit a certain standard.

Little Sisters have the tendancy to be annoying

Female Friends are not annoying…otherwise…well you get the idea.

Female Friends are fun to be around.

Little Sisters can get on your nerves.

Little Sisters will always assume you like someone and demand to know who it is.

Female Friends may do this at certain times….but it’s a lot less annoying.

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