The Thing About Strikes

As has been well documented in the news in recent weeks and months.  Canada Post is about to most likely go on strike tomorrow if a deal can’t be made to fix their apparently unsatisfactory work to compensation ratio.

I can’t understand why any organization would choose striking over working.  It’s not like these guys are mining coal.  They do well, and they have air conditioning at work.  Not everyone in the organization actually wants to strike.  After all, when you strike, you don’t usually get paid for not working.  In past postal strikes the similar demands of the few who wanted to strike were not completely met.  It left them poorer and with a lot more work to do once Back to Work legislation was enforced.  The same thing will happen again.

Most of them don’t even want to strike from what I hear.  If they do it will mean more business for their competitors.

They provide a valuable appreciated service.  in my humble opinion, it’s best to keep it going.

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