The Worst Version of “O Holy Night” Ever…Nothing Holy About This One

A friend of mine showed me this piece of music he had acquired from a friend of a friend of his.  It was a track on this person’s independently produced Christmas album.  This individual was not signed to a major record label.  My friend played the track, the classic “O Holy Night”  Immediately the room is filled with old school cinematic swing music.  This is not where the problem lies.  Accompanying the music was what, I’m sure was supposed to be a smooth, silky, jazzy voice…that’s not what came out.  Unfortunately, this  Frank Sinatra wanna be had seriously missed the mark.  Throughout his rendition there were pitch problems galore!  …and that was just on the lower, more reachable notes.  It got worse when it came to the high notes, He totally killed his voice!  It was insane.  All in all, this version of O Holy Night was certainly sub par.  The scary part is yet to come.  After enduring that ordeal of listening to that terrible audio experience, my friend then informed me that this individual had spent a small fortune to record his album of Christmas music.  At this news I was shocked.  If this was professional grade, things must be going down hill for the music industry.  Perhaps this individual had never had anyone critique his singing ability before he spent his fortune looking for fame in the music industry.

As painful as it was to listen to that song, at least it provided a good laugh!  Perhaps that was all he was going for in the first place.

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