The Year is 2010: And We’re Still Licking Envelopes

This phenomenon astounds me.  With all the advances in Science and Technology over the years we are still using the same methods to seal envelopes as when the postal system first came out… Our Tongues!

This is dangerous in many ways.  What if the envelope licker has a cold.  The germs could get passed onto the recipient of the letter which he is sending.  What if you got a paper cut in the process???

What if there were toxins in the glue that supposedly bonds with the saliva to make it stick.  What if those toxins were to get into your blood stream?  They probably have quality control to monitor that part

If licking an envelopes is really the way to go, don’t you think they’d make the envelope taste better.

All I’m saying is, there must be a better way to seal an envelope!

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