These “Exposed Pregnant Belly” Shots On Facebook Need To Stop

For the record it popped up in my news feed, one of those friend of a friend deals.  Before you go all crazy on me, let me tell you what I think about babies.

Yes they are still babies when in the womb (Abortion is stupid.)
You should only have them once you are mature enough and within the safety of stable marriage.
Babies are gifts from God and are supposed to be a blessing, and yes you should show them off once they get here.
but the pictures of the pregnancy and gestation in progress?  Do all of your friends really need to see what the real “baby lump thing” looks like?  Couldn’t they just hang around you to get an idea?  If they really cared about how your pregnancy is going, they would probably would have asked you without making you show them your belly.  Or have we gone past that stage of common courtesy to the point where we need to see pictures of everything now.  What are you trying to prove by taking pictures like this anyway?  Is there some sort of secret competition going on or something?  Bragging rights perhaps? maybe memories? If you want to take photos for yourself that’s one thing, but sticking that kind of stuff on the internet for anyone to see.  That’s quite another.  Sometimes things are best left covered up until their due time.  Remember, you’re a mother-to-be (one of the most noble occupations there is)…not a stripper.  A little decency goes a long way.

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