Thoughts on the Truro Shorts Thing

Here’s a brief summary of the whole issue.  Girls in Truro are beautiful and, their beauty is distracting men…who apparently can’t look away.  The girls are now no longer allowed to wear shorts because the guys find them too distracting.  The issue is bigger than just shorts…It’s about how a man respects a woman…or lack thereof.

I wonder if we’re letting the guys get away too easily on this one. If a woman’s beauty is distracting, then a guy, believe it or not, does have the ability to look away from certain parts of her, after all his eyes roll around in his head and his neck can turn. He can also control his hands and make them not do strange things to every single beautiful woman he sees in the run of a day. A guy should be able to show the same level of respect to a woman whether she’s wearing a turtleneck, a low cut dress, or a bathing suit….This problem is more than just shorts. ….Making the conscious effort to look away when you’re used to indulging yourself is not easy and doesn’t happen over night but it can be done. Guys should learn from their fathers or father figures how to respect women, (if they’;re lucky). Unfortunately, today that important aspect of life teaching seems to be overlooked, especially with the high divorce rate and affairs that people involve themselves in…it’s no wonder guys are lonely and don’t know what to do in these situations with women. However, that doesn’t mean we should just throw the idea of respecting women properly out the window. What’s currently happening does not have to be the future. I’ve never heard of a woman hating on a guy because he respected her as a person,with, ideas, dreams, and the rest…not as an object for his pleasure. It’s going to take concentrated effort from both guys and girls to change this around, but it is certainly still possible.

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