TOA Chapter 13: The Passing Of The Bill

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA | Monday, April 7 2070 | 2:00 pm EDT

It was about to be James Slone’s finest hour.  From this day forward, suicide would be eliminated first in Canada.   Then when other countries saw the benefits, they would no doubt follow.

James stood proudly in the House of Commons with his wife by his side.

The cameras initiated automatically and the Prime Minister addressed the nation.

“People of Canada.  Today we eliminate suicide forever.”

James Slone went on to explain that it would be mandatory for everyone to have the ZSoft Thought Transmitters surgically installed.  To prove to his countrymen how important this was, the Prime Minister had an operating table wheeled out into the center of the room.  He laid down on it and a series of doctors attended to him in order to connect the device to his brain.  This was shown to viewers across the country and would be syndicated on the evening news later on.

Since the bill was unanimously received it became law.  Over the next week citizens would line up in hospitals all over the country to have the very same operation, to do their part in eliminating suicide.  It was a great step forward for the nation.  Or was it?

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