TOA Chapter 14: Under Attack

Calgary, Alberta CANADA | Monday, April 7 2070 | 1:00 pm MDT

Deep in an undisclosed bunker, underneath the hustle and bustle of Calgary’s busy streets, mayor Fyfe and his chief hacking team were hard at work.  Together, they had managed to hack through the firewall of ZSoft, though it had taken some time.  After that, more time was spent trying to figure out the complex file structure on the ZSoft Network.

Finally one of Fyfe’s lowest ranking goons found the piece of software.

“I’ve found it!” he exclaimed.

“Congratulations.  You’ll get a promotion when all is said and done as far as this mission is concerned.”  grumbled Fyfe.

The hackers extracted the file and began to modify it so that Fyfe could insert thoughts as well as view what those wearing the now mandatory transmitters were thinking.  This would be advantageous to Fyfe in many ways.   Fyfe never played by the rules so he did not subject himself to the brutal surgical procedure.  What were they going to do?  Fight him over it?  Fyfe was about to have the largest army in the world.

After the modifications were made, the group re inserted the file into the ZSoft network and got out of there.


Newton could not find the receiver software anywhere.  He was starting to worry.  This project was his baby and if he lost it, who knows what would happen to him.  Newton couldn’t take it anymore.  He made the cold HOLO call to Zeke Sabates.

“Hello Newton!”  smiled Zeke.

“Zeke, I can’t find the receiver software!”  screamed Newton.  “Did you take that away from me?”

“I just received it back.  It was getting updated.” stated Zeke.

“I did not authorize any updates to the software.” growled Newton.

Zeke stared at him blankly.

Suddenly they were both interrupted by the entrance of a third man.  Joel Rigby, head of security.

“Gentlemen!  There has been a breech.  We must suspend operations at ZSoft immediately until this situation is resolved.”


Zeke went into disaster recovery mode.  He sent out a mass message instructing every staff person to return to their homes until the security breech was resolved.  He informed them that they would still be paid their full salaries during this time of absence.  This made everyone quite happy.  The staff of ZSoft made their mass exodus save for Zeke himself and the security staff.

Zeke leaned back in his office chair and placed a HOLO call to Nicholas Fyfe.

“You have proven yourself faithful, Zeke, you and your entire company now work for me.” said Fyfe.

“I am honoured to be at your service.” said Zeke honestly.  “When do we begin thought implantation?”

“Shortly, my friend, shortly.”  reassured Fyfe.  “Take a look at your colleague Newton’s thoughts though, it does not appear to me that he is following your advice.  You’d think that even without forcing a thought on him, Newton would take the opportunity to go straight home from work while still being paid.”

“I will look into that and see if I can’t knock some sense into him before we implement Force Thought on him” replied Zeke.

“Very good” said Fyfe.  The call ended.

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