Trash Teeth: From Insult To Injury

Jalleed returned to the clearing the following morning.  To his dismay the men had worked through the night  causing Jalleed and Onyx to be unable to obtain any sleep what so ever.  Jalleed was determined to see what the men were up to.  Where a clearing and trees used to be now stood a well built and rather extravagant house.  This infuriated Jalleed. The men were tearing down his home tree by tree.  Looking to his left he could see a group of men preparing to take down a large oak.  Jalleed lost it.  Running toward them he hissed and growled until one of the men turned and addressed him in a not so professional manner.

“Hey Trash Teeth!”  The worker yelled, “Why don’t you go on home.”

Jalleed swiped him with a furious paw.  He would not let the man wiht an axe have the last word.

The man swiftly kicked Jalleed.  The toe of his steel reinforced boot connecting with Jalleed’s nose.

Jalleed was sent tumbling backward.   He slowly stalked off into the cover of the trees that remained. He would nurse his wounds, but this would not be the last that man would see of him.  Jalleed would get revenge on him and the entire crew.  Especially the old man who started all this chaos.  He vowed this to himself.  Paradise was his park and Jalleed would protect it.

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