Trash Teeth: The Deal Maker

“Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Mayor,”  Gustaf Laurent said as he eased into a leather chair across from the mayor’s desk in an office.  “As you’ve been hearing for some time, I would like to purchase Paradise Park from the city holdings.  Now you have finally agreed to meet with me and I really appreciate that.”

Gustaf Laurent was a wealthy industrialist who owned many impressive properties around the city and had more money than anyone would ever need in their life. This fact helped him remain confident when he was making a deal with anyone.

“As I’ve told you before in countless emails, Mr. Laurent, the Paradise Park is a sanctioned green space for the public to enjoy and for animals to stay healthy.  It is not for sale,” said the mayor.

“Everything in this world has a price, Mr. Mayor,” said Gustaf.  “I just have to find out what the price of that land is.  Let’s see, how does five million sound like to you?”

“I said it’s not for sale,” said the mayor gruffly.  “What do you want to do with this land that would cause you to need it so badly?”

“I want to build a simple sort of cottage for my wife and I to enjoy for many years to come.   I won’t even change much of the landscape.  I want to  get away from the rat race while not being too far away so I can still manage my many companies.  I am willing to go much higher on the price,” said Gustaf

“What could possibly be your limit?”  The mayor inquired.

“Fifty billion, straight into the coffers of the city.  I can make you a most powerful man indeed,” said Gustaf.  “You can write your ticket for whatever project you want for the rest of your term, leaving the city in a state of positive growth all around.”

The mayor couldn’t help but drool shamelessly at the thought of this.  He had only been elected a mere two months ago.  The thought of this kind of security and power was extremely

After thinking for a long time the mayor finally spoke.  “Very well, under these special circumstances, and after hearing your terms I will sell the land to you,” said the mayor.

“My people will transfer the large money order into city holdings before the end of the day,” promised Gustaf.  The two shook hands and Gustaf left the mayor’s office.

The rest of the day passed quickly.  The mayor used this time to draft a dead for the property.  Since it had never been allocated for residential use, the process had to start from scratch.  Near the end of the day there was a knock at his office door.  The mayor cheerfully replied, “come in!”

“Can you believe what just happened?’ it was the mayor’s secretary, she was smiling from ear to ear.  “The largest donation to the city in history has just been made by a single donor!” She said.

“I’ve known about this since this morning.  It is certainly a wonderful gesture,” said the mayor.  “Actually, I’m meeting with him in a few minutes to personally show him my gratitude,” the mayor beamed at her.

At that moment, Gustaf’s form appeared in the doorway.  “Melanie,” the mayor said, “This is Gustaf Laurent, our most generous donor.  Gustaf, this is my faithful secretary Melanie Finkle.

“Pleased to meet you!” Gustaf said, shaking her hand professionally.

“Melanie, if you wouldn’t mind excusing us, we have some final business to discuss.  You can even head home a little early today.  This is truly a momentous occasion and it’s close to the end of the day anyway,” said the mayor.

“Thank you, sir!  See you on Monday” Melanie said.  She left the room in a good mood.  Surely she would be up for that substantial raise she had been hoping for after her hard, dedicated work all year.  Since she had some extra time she decided to cross the street for a stroll through Paradise Park.  She enjoyed this part of town very much.  The fresh air could heal a bad day, but today was far from one of those.

The mayor passed the deed across his desk.  Gustaf signed it with his expensive fountain pen.  The two shook hands   Gustaf smiled and turned to leave the room.   In the back of his mind the mayor still wondered if he had done the right thing.

As he got to the the door Gustaf turned back toward the mayor and asked “Your secretary, Melanie, is she seeing anyone currently?  Before you think I’m insane, you should know that I’m asking on behalf of my son.  He is sweet on her, but hasn’t had a chance to meet with her in any sort of situation as of yet.  He has almost as much prestige and success as I do, but lacks someone to share it with.”

“Not that I know of, but you have to understand that she’s a woman, not some sort of property that can be easily acquired,” said the mayor.

“I understand,” said Gustaf.  He left the room, closing the door behind him.

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