TTD Chapter 4: The Long And Winding Road That Leads Through His Brain

Upon arriving home, Ted saw the very sight he did not want to see.  It was as if the he was going to have to do the very thing he did not want to do no matter how long he tried to put it off.

Lawson and Vernon, of all people, were sitting on his front step having a heated discussion as to whether pickles belonged on peanut butter sandwiches.

“Gentlemen.”  Ted stated.

“Uh oh.”  Vernon said.  “I’d better get out of here before our local celebrity decides to humiliate me again.”

And with that, Vernon disappeared into the fading light of dusk.

“Lawson, I have knowledge that you might be interested in.”  Ted remarked.

“Really?  Let me in on it!”  Lawson demanded.

“Alison is in love with you, but she knows that you aren’t paying attention to that sort of thing, so she sent me to come right out and say it so you would know.”

There, he had said it.  Ted had done what was required of him.  All in one sentence.  Sacrificing his new found dream for the happiness of another.  Instead of the happiness of both of them.  Ted still couldn’t understand why his brain was no longer satisfied with the friend zone.  Maybe it was because he rather suddenly became aware  that Allison wanted love instead of fierce independence.  He could have provided that, but she chose Lawson.  However, there was always the chance Lawson could reject this middle man approach Allison was employing through Ted.

Ted simultaneously loved and hated over thinking things.  He forced himself back into real life.

“Wow!  Allison actually likes me?  She has a great personality, and she’s super smart.  I thought she would have gone for someone like you.”  Lawson said.  “Everyone saw that kiss!”

“Yeah, funny how that works.”  Ted replied.  “You are the one she has chosen if you’ll have her.”

“I’m going over to her house right away to ask her out!”  Lawson screamed.  Suddenly his life was going somewhere.  “This is the greatest moment of my life!”

“That’s a little over the top.”  Ted smirked.  He watched Lawson run off into the almost completely set sun.

Ted entered his home, threw a frozen pizza into the oven, and hit the books again.  He would become a lawyer if it was the last thing he did.  He would make something out of his life once and for all.  Ted never took the time to relish his previous huge accomplishments.  He was onto the next big thing.  After taking the necessary time to prepare his work area.  Ted fished the pizza out of the oven, immediately took a  big bite, and settled in for another almost all nighter.  He would fall asleep in his books again.  It was just a matter of when.   At the very least, Ted would be distracted from Lawson gloating about his triumph.  Ted took comfort in that and began to read.  It would be another long night.

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