TTD Chapter 5: Mr. Blue Sky

Ted woke the same way he had done every other day.  It would appear as if this would be another run of the mill day.  Deep inside, Ted kenw that he was stronger and more intelligent than the morning before.  Today was going to be better and more interesting than any of the days before it.  Even if it started off exactly the same.

Upon arriving at work, Ted absentmindedly made his way to his office to do more transcriptions.  Nobody pays attention on a Tuesday.  Never would there be a time when that stereotype became true for Ted than when he ran face first into Nicole Swanson. the founder of the firm.

“Watch where you’re going, Ted!”  Nicole half shouted.

“I’m sorry.”  Ted replied sheepishly.

“Are you really?  Is that a new thing for you?  Running face first into taller,  strong, independent women. Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“What?  No!  Absolutely not!”  Ted replied.

“Good.  There’s no place for that here.  Pay attention to where you’re walking.”  Nicole commanded.

“Agreed.” said Ted.

“Get to your office.  You’re the best typist I’ve got.”

Ted slunk off to his office, completely humiliated.  His first impression with Nicole officially did not go well.  His original plan was to have a casual conversation about writing the bar exam at the next available opportunity.  However, with this socially awkward scar in their professional relationship, Ted began to wonder whether he had blown all of his luck prematurely.

Why did he have to be so short?  This situation was completely avoidable.  Why couldn’t he awkwardly run into literally anyone else in the building?

Ted’s brain mulled over these things as he typed.

Nicole Swanson was a remarkable woman.  She knew it.  Everyone else knew it.  At 30 years of age she had accomplished more than Ted could ever hope to in a life time.  Growing up in a temporarily broken home, Nicole found solace in sports.  She won everything she played.  At 21 years of age, she passed the bar exam, becoming partner along side her step father,  Kevin Fergus, the following year.  Nicole became the it girl for female lawyers.  The one everyone looked up to.  Ted kept all the covers of any law society magazines that featured her.   He would never admit this to Nicole.  Their relationship had to remain professional.  Ted’s career depended on that.

After this morning’s social setback, Ted would have to find a way to redeem himself.

There had to be more to life than typing.  Ted tapped away, resenting himself more and more with every impending keystroke.

Lunch rolled around.

Ted found his customary spot in a dark corner of the common eating area.  Whipping out a homemade peanut butter sandwich from his pocket, Ted began to eat.

Ted became so enraptured by his sandwich that he was startled when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder.

He turned around.  It was Nicole!

“No hard feelings about earlier.”  She said.

“I feel so relieved.”  Ted replied.

“You should be.  I could have made your life so miserable you wouldn’t want it anymore.  However, my desk has enough paper work on it for a whole year!”  Nicole said.

“I’d like to write the bar exam.”  Ted gasped.

“Really?”  asked Nicole

“Yes, I’m absolutely serious.  Said Ted.  “Please advise me of the next available opportunity.”

“I’ll keep you posted.”  Nicole acquiesced.  She turned on her heel and left.

The rest of the day flew by in the throws of success.  Ted arrived home ready for sleep, in a good way.   For the first time Ted was genuinely excited about his career prospects.  He would never approach work in the same way.  Things were going to finally be different.  Maybe not right away, but soon!

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