TTD Chapter 6: The Spare Part

It was decided.  Ted was on a hot streak at work.  It was time to celebrate that.  Independently.  Sure, It would have been nice to invite Allison, however, he had to give up on that dream for the sake of a happier friendship.  No matter.  Ted could have fun by himself.  The only issue, if you could call it that, was to figure out what fancy restaurant Ted would grace with his presence.


Lawson approached Allison’s front step.  He couldn’t believe this was happening.  He was nervous.  It was a good thing Allison and her parents lived in different cities.  He wouldn’t be able to handle the interrogation process.  Fortunately, tonight would just be L and A.  He looked at the boquet of flowers he had just recently purchased.  He hoped Allison would like them.  Only one way to find out.

Lawson knocked on the door.  Allison opened the door immediately and smiled at him.  This was a good start.  Now it was time to say words.

“Allison, would you like to accompany me to La Cousina Romantica this evening?”  Lawson asked.

“I would love that!”  Allison said.

Lawson had rented a super classy Uber to take them to and from the restaurant.  It was going to be a wonderful night.  Upon arriving they were seated immediately and ordered a large plate of spaghetti to share.  The most romantic of Italian noodles.  It would be without a doubt the best evening of Lawson’s life.  Conversation suddenly came easy.  Lawson was unsure as to why he hadn’t tried this earlier.


Ted walked confidently into La Cousina Romantica.  The classiest restaurant on the near side of town.  It was time to live it up.  Or so he thought.  The host met him at the door with a disapproving look.  Did this man not approve of Ted’s choice of suit?  Ted could not figure out what was  the matter with him.

“Table for one.”  Ted said confidently.

“Sir, I am disinclined to acquiesce your request.” The host responded.

“Who are you?  Hector Barbosa?”  Ted asked with surgical precision that cut straight to the core.

“No… I’m the host.”  The disgruntled man said.  “We have a long standing policy at La Cousina Romantica that we can only seat couples.  We have an image to protect.  Also from an economic standpoint it is better for me to hold that table for a couple than it would be for me to seat you right now.  I can fill that table completely in two minutes.”  The host explained in a long winded, boring sort of way.

“So you are refusing to serve a very willing, paying customer ,who would have eaten as fast as you needed him to.”  Ted summarized.

“Unfortunately, that is exactly what i am doing.”  Mourned the host.  “Bring a date next time.”

Ted was furious inside.  Then he caught a glimpse of Allison and Lawson at a table near the back of the restaurant.  They were holding both of each other’s hands across the table as they waited for their food.  Ted was further disgusted.  He turned on his heal with as much dignity as he could muster and marched over to the gourmet burger restaurant across the street.  Ordering the biggest burger they had, he took it outside and scarfed it down.  From his vantage point across the street, Ted could see Lawson and Allison doing the Lady and The Tramp kissing thing with their spaghetti.  This caused him to throw up his quickly eaten supper.  Ted immediately called an Uber and went home.  He had no dignity left.  The sooner he could get to sleep the better.


Lawson walked Allison to her door.  They had the most successful first date of any couple in history, as far as they were concerned.  They decided to reminisce about how great it was for a half an hour.  After which Allison said “We should do this again extremely soon.  I don’t normally do this on the first date but…”

Allison kissed Lawson.

“I’ve ben waiting a very long time to do that to you.”  She said.

Lawson said good night to  Allison.  He went home the happiest he had ever been in his entire life.

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