UC Chapter 5: The Show Bird

Jaxon paced his caged environment.   Another night of horns blaring.  How he despised the bars that held him in.  He could look up to open sky, as open as it gets in the city.  Deep down, Jaxon knew peacocks, especially male peacocks were not meant to be trapped in cages.  He had tallents he wanted to share with the rest of the world.  Jaxon was a bird on fire.  Especially when he unfurled his feathers.  He looked out at the many streetlights surrounding the zoo.  Perhaps he could perform under one of those.  A spotlight on a corner for evening entertainment.  It sounded to Jaxon like a wonderful idea.  The problem, getting out of the cage.  What if he fell and broke his legs?  What if he fell to his death?  After hours of pacing back and forth in his cell while enthusiastic zoo-goers oggled him all day, Jaxon decided that it was time to risk it all.  He did not want to be trapped in a cage!  Tonight, he would break free.

Using his legs to climb up the bars,  Jaxon now set perched atop his cell.  Dropping to the ground below worked out much better than expected.  Jaxon stealthfuly made his way out of the zoo and ran down the street he found his prized spotlight on the corner and began showing the world his talents.  The people were incredibly nice, nobody tried to shoot him.  Jaxon was pleased with how well his plan was working.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the city!”  Winston proclaimed.  “We must be careful because it’s not natural for chickens, turkeys, and cows to just roam freely downtown.  I’m the only one the humans won’t eat!”

“Unless they are desperate!”  Lawrence quipped.

Lawrence and Willie were ecstatic forgetting Winston’s words of caution.  Grace less so as she was large and obvious.

Upon seeing a large outdoor patio belinging to a restaurant, Lawrence exclaimed, “Food!”  He ran toward it and the others followed.  Staying together was going to be key to their survival even if their fearless leader made yet another incredibly stupid decision.

Ascending the patio in a mad rampage  they ate everything they could off the plates of the humans, dedicated over what remained, and disappeared as quickly as they had come, leaving a trail of total destruction in their wake.  The humans sat staring at their empty plates in shock.  Nobody thought to report the incident to animal control.  They just sat there trying to process this unique shared experience.

“What a rush!”  Lawrence and Willie exclaimed in unison.  “So much good food!”

“I hate stairs.”  Grace added.

“That was the opposite of what I was talking about.”  Winston said sternly. “Though, I do enjoy french fries!  It would be prudent for us to camp in one of the city’s mandatory green spaces.  Nobody touches the animals that live there.”

The group agreed. with Winston leading, they mad their way toward the nearest green space.  Progress was ging well until something shiny caught Willie’s eye.


There on the corner, under a streetlight, performing some sort of tricks,stood the prettiest bird. Willie had ever seen in his whole life.

“Guys, I gotta go over and talk to her!”  Willie screamed.

“We don’t have any time.”  Winston said anxiously.  “We are on the run!”

It was too late. Willie was already running toward the beautiful bird.

Drawing closer, the others recognized the bird as a peacock.

“That’s not the female he’s hoping for.”  Grace deadpanned.

“Let’s see how this pans out.”   Lawrence said eagerly.

Winston heaved a heavy sigh.  This group was not one who could be lead easily.

Willie pranced  over to the most beautiful bird he had ever seen in his life.  With Elton John’s Rocket Man playing in the background, He chose to start off his first impression with a stolen introduction.

“Madam, you are the most beautiful bird I have seen in my whole life!  I hope you find better opportunities then preforming tricks on this street corner…”

At this point Willie was interrupted by an unexpectedly low voice.

”Sorry Bud, I’m all male.”  Jaxon replied.  “These tricks you’re talking about are a fulfilment of my life long dream to be a busker, not a prostitute.  You are a turkey and I am a peacock.  It would never work out!”

At this point Lawrence, Grace, and Winston emerged from the shadows unable to contain their laughter anymore.

”Good try, Willie!” Lawrence gasped.  “The females actually have the boring feathers.”

”Where were you five minutes ago.”  Willie grumbled.

“What brings such an unlikely group of friends such as yourselves to the city?”  Jaxon asked.

“We wanted to see if it was more interesting than the farm.”  Lawrence explained.  “So far it has failed to disappoint.”

“They ask me to lead them around the city, and then they don’t even listen.”  Winston grumbled.  “I’m trying to lead them to a safe space.”

“You look fun!”  Grace screamed.   “Come on and join us!”

Jaxon agreed, and the merry band of four became a five piece.  They wandered around a bit more, surprised that the average humans were not bohering them one bit.  If they did decide to bother thm what could they do anyway.  Grace was too big to be trifled with by someone who didn’t really know how to handle a cow.

Eventually, once they had had all the undisclosed fun that could be afforded a group of animals in a new environment, the group retired to one of the city’s mandatory green spaces.  Grace saw grass and started gorging immediately.  She had to make up for lost time.

“Animals in these areas are safe here…as far as I know.”  Winston informed.  “We will rest here for the night.”

It was the first time any of them had slept outside in a very long time.   Finally the methane had somewhere to go!  They had never felt so free.  However, it was cold, and the group felt that too.  They would push through.  It’s what you do when you’re on an adventure.

With no idea what tomorrow would bring, they all fell asleep, dreaming of the possibilities.

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