Unfounded Rumors (Kyle Busch Vs. Ron Hornaday Part 4)

I didn’t think there would be a “Part 4” to this story but apparently there is.  You go on Twitter and search up Kyle Busch and you’ll see what’s going on.  Apparently he’s stepping down from driving his truck (which he owns).  Z-Line Designs (the sponsor of his Nationwide car) wants Denny Hamlin in the car for the rest of the Nationwide races, and on the Sprint Cup side of things, it has yet to be determined as to whether he will race the rest of the season.  Mars (Busch’s main sponsor in Sprint Cup) has apparently said, this again according to rumor so I can’t actually cite any of this yet, that “Either Kyle goes, or they go.”

According to other unfounded sources that may be on to something, a press conference is scheduled for 12:00 PM EDT (1 pm ADT) to determine the exact future of Kyle Busch.

This is all very sad and irrational.  Hopefully they can come to a decent conclusion.

More to come when I know more.

Update: I highly doubt “Angry Birds” (The ever popular iPod Touch game) will become Kyle Busch’s primary sponsor in 2012.  Don’t believe the rumors!


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