Valentines Day Came Early On Facebook

I logged into Facebook, and suddenly there were a bunch of posts in my news feed about Valentines Day.  The interesting thing is that it’s January 22nd and Valentines day isn’t for another three weeks.  The early excitement for Valentines Day mainly comes from my friends who have other halves as it were.  It makes sense to be excited for Valentines Day if you have a lover, but if you’re like the rest of the world, Valentines Day probably holds very little significance to you.  I actually find it one of the more depressing days of the year.  I don’t even like it when it comes around, let alone anticipating it this early.  I’m not trying to create a sap story here, but if you don’t have a lover, there’s not much point in celebrating it.  The most annoying part is when the non single people rag o the single people for being single.  All I can say is “We’re trying!”

For those of you with lovers…please love on!

For the rest of us, our time will come!

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