Valentines Day Is Overrated

Why do people save up all their love for this one day of the year when they could just as easily spread it out evenly over the entire year! Does God only love us for one day a year…I don’t think so. How else would we make it through the rest of the year. Also if Jesus thought so highly of Valentines Day, he would probably have chosen that day to be crucified and show us his MASSIVE LOVE for humanity. Let me point out that Jesus was crucified on GOOD FRIDAY (which is not valentines day) He rose again (3 DAYS LATER…not on valentines day), conquering death, and providing us with a way to be reunited with a LOVING God. Neither of these most outward confessions of love for humanity was done on Valentines Day. So, If God himself does not make such a big deal as to which days of the year he shows his love…then why do we?
Love people everyday! Don’t save it up for the one day! Spread it out! It’s a lot more fun that way
Valentines Day is overrated…all it does is make fun of single people anyway.  Which if I may add, is no fun.
A good friend of mine wrote this following, related article that is worth reading.  You should check it out.

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