Ways to Make Shopping More Enjoyable

If you’re like me, you can handle shopping for a certain amount of time, and then your main objective becomes unclear as your enthusiastic friends take you into Old Navy for no reason just to browse around aimlessly.  The same may be true for malls. My friends know what they are doing and I’m along for the ride  Here are some ways I’ve come up with to make the shopping experience a little more bearable.

  • They should widen the aisles in some clothing stores so that people can look at stuff while others can get by them easily without causing trouble.
  • In malls, the centre of the hall between stores should be where the main traffic flow happens, leaving the outside free for families, who have been split up in the fray of people, so that they might be able to regroup without trouble and continue on.
  • All stores a person passes suddenly become MUSIC STORES!!! (or whatever the apathetic shopper is into) thus, the apathetic shopper will not be apathetic anymore.

The shopping world could be much more peaceful this way.  However, for now…enjoy the madness!

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