We Can’t Win The War On Terror

Everyone’s been worrying about the war on terror for the last week or so.  And I’m not saying that lightly.  The acts in France, Lebanon, Turkey, Kenya, and elsewhere are absolutely terrible.

Our automatic response to these atrocities would be that we have to stand up for ourselves and convince the terrorists that they are in the wrong.

The problem is that the ones who carried out these acts truly believe that they are doing what is right.  They are instructed by Islam to kill anyone who does not believe the same as they do….and they will do whatever it takes for however long it takes until they are rid of non believers.

With this kind of determination, everything armies do now is really just a waste of bullets as other groups will come and go with the same agenda.

One side wants to kill everyone who doesn’t believe the same things as them and the other side actually thinks they can stop a force so bent on their goals with the same kind of violence.

Just think about it.  Have you ever successfully been able to change someone’s world view all on your own?  Bullets won’t solve this issue as what we really have is two worldviews colliding.

Only the Holy Spirit can change hearts and minds.  Only God can melt hearts of stone.  If this war on terror ever finishes up, it won’t be because of human efforts.

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