What Is Singles Awareness Day?

If you’ve been on my blog over the last day, you’ve most likely noticed the advertising for “Singles Awareness Day.”  You might be wondering what exactly it is.  Well here is the story behind “Singles Awareness Day” as far as I know it to be true.  Singles Awareness Day was developed by a couple of obviously single friends of mine as an alternative to celebrating the commercial aspects of Valentines Day.  They did not like how Valentines Day seems to be all about couples and that leaves nothing for the single person to do except go into a corner and eat or something.  Singles Awareness Day is a day that is celebrated on Feburary 14 of each year for those (and only those) who are single.  If you do have a significant other, that’s awesome!  … That’s why they made Valentines Day as commercial as it is and you can celebrate that to your hearts content.  You shouldn’t wait til February 14 just to tell someone you love them…you can do that any day all throughout the year.  But I’m getting off topic.  During Singles Awareness Day a single person will often get together with his other single friends and just have fun…thus avoiding the pressures of Valentines day.  It is not a day of mourning due to the fact that a person is single (because eventually that ends for everyone…or so I’m told) rather it is a day to examine one’s position in life and just have fun with friends!

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