Where The Streets Have No Name

I went to the Paul Baloche Concert last night.  It was great.  He mixed in Christmas Carols with his own songs.  In the middle of his set, he decides to do some covers of other people’s songs.  He did some Joe Cocker…to the best of his ability….then he wanted to do some U2, particularly “Where the Streets Have No Name.”  He asks his guitar player, Stu, to play the iconic intro, and Stu starts playing the intro to “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” ….close…but not quite what Paul wanted.  Then Stu admits to Paul that he does not know the song.  Then Paul ribs him “How can you not know it, You’re British!”

At this point I’m thinking, hold me back! I could play it for them if they wanted me to. (I even happened to have  a toque and Paul could have borrowed my sunglasses.)   It was the first cool song I ever learned with an actual guitar part beyond just chords.

It was probably a cooler moment in my mind than it would have been live since I’d never played with any of those guys before.  It was still a fun concert though.

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