Why I Think TrackMania Nations Forever is One of the Best and Most Addicting Racing Games Ever

If you haven’t played this game yet, you have to give it a try!
You may think “Man, I hate racing games!!! Why would I play that?!”

Here are some reasons you should check it out!

First of all you get to drive an F1 sort of car at obnoxiously fast speeds, and as if that wasn’t enough you get to race on fictional tracks, never seen in real life. (Mostly because if a real F1 race car and driver tried to take on these tracks, most likely his car would be destroyed…along with himself.

And that’s why they leave this concept to virtual reality!

You start off with a certain number of tracks unlocked, which you must race and complete each stage in specific times in order to get a gold, silver, or bronze medal. You need a certain amount of medals to advance to the next stage. Which if you are achievement oriented can lead to hours of fun…or torture if you are on a difficult level. But don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually and then you will be pumped!

Secondly, if you are an adrenaline junky, but aren’t fond of being dead, you get all the thrill of driving an F1 car at ridiculous speeds off jumps, over gravity defying loops and sidewinders…as well as many other crazy tricks you would have never thought possible with a race car…without the fear of death!!! If you crash hard, you can always start the level over!

It’s a really fun game, just don’t get sucked into it when you’re writing mid terms or papers. Make sure you play in your spare time and you shall be much better off.

If you want to try this game (and you should! because it is that cool!) you can check it out at http://www.trackmania.com/index.php?rub=downloads

…And then you can race as much as you want to and be happy and awesome…simultaniously!

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