Why My Facebook Timeline Is Empty

Certain people have inquired as to where my timeline or wall went on my Facebook profile. As it turns out, it was an unpopular move on my part.

Let me explain my reasons why.

As I look at my news feed every day I have come to realize that I don’t really have anything Facebook worthy to post these days.  For example, this month is August and all my friends are either getting married or in other kinds of relationships.  This is news feed gold for Facebook.  At the current moment I don’t have that kind of thing going on in my life at the moment.  You never know when that could change though.  Even if it did,  I’m not very good at gushing about things anyway.  Fortunately, others tend to have the natural talent for that.  You know who you are.

I like writing better here on my blog anyway.  I can write about whatever I want, tackle easy or tough questions (if I want to) and encourage debate (if I feel like it) without bothering everyone else not involved in the conversation.  There’s no adds cluttering up the sides of this space, and no word count limit. It’s a much cleaner, more enjoyable feel.

The second major reason I have obliterated my timeline are what I’ll call the Posts of Facebook Past.

If you let it, Facebook will keep everything on your wall (sorry, that dates me) timeline.  I had stuff going back to 10 years ago I did a lot of growing up in the last 10 years and my earlier posts do not seem to reflect well on me this year.  It all seemed rather immature.  So I got rid of them.

None of my friends need to see pictures my huge afro type thing going on in 2008.  Nor do they care that I was tired on a particular Tuesday.  If I get married and have kids, there should be just a little mystery there.  You know, the whole, “what was the world like when you grew up?”   You miss out on a whole cool conversation you can have if the kids can just scroll through your profile and find out.

In case you are wondering, I still have the photos of the big hair years.  I just don’t plaster them all over the internet.

“But what about your photos” others would ask. Yes, some of them were nice, and I still have them.  You’ll just have to come visit me if you want to see them, friends.

I am still on Facebook, to be honest, I use it everyday.  it’s great for communicating with friends all over in the private message section.  That is my favourite part about using Facebook these days.  I have to admit though, it’s nice to have a clean timeline.  Nothing stays on there longer than you’d keep anything in your fridge.

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