Why Untie The Knot?

I don’t understand this no fault divorce thing.  I don’t understand divorce anyway.  Apparently now you can just go get one like you can get a bottle of Coke.  You spend so much time and money getting into a marriage, why would you want to spend more time and money getting out of it.

The thing is, people have forgotten what love is actually about.  It’s much more than the warm fuzzies or the sex.  Though there is a place for that for sure.  However, love is also sticking around for the other person, persevering trough the tough times.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people have just chosen to give up, rather than work through their problems and make things better.

Up until recently, adultery (sleeping around, having any sex with someone you’re not married to, and generally being unfaithful to your spouse) was the only thing that was grounds for divorce.  Now, you don’t even need a reason.  You can just decide to leave whenever, and not tell your spouse.

It’s like people have lost the will to work things out.  Can this even be reversed?  No wonder marriage is down.  People have tried other alternatives to marriage to try and ease the pain, but  studies show that Co-Habituating and same sex couples can get just as frustrated with relationships and give up just as easily…if not more easily.  So obviously those experiments have not worked.

If the spark is gone in your marriage, rather than give up…why not work on ways to re-ignite it?  You’ll save time, money, and a lot of hurt feelings.

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