Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I’m Sixty-Four

A recently engaged friend of mine encouraged me to read a certain blog called “Boundless” (It’s in my reading list if you want to check it out.  www.boundless.org) because he enjoyed it and he thought I might as well.  I started reading it and realized that their target demographic was young, single people.  Not all the blog posts talk aobut singleness, but a vast majority of them seemed to cater to that group.  It appeared that most of the contributors were attempting to help these young, single people to understand why it might be taking so long and that it really isn’t so bad and it won’t last forever.  I found that it got depressing after reading about so many people longing to find someone else but couldn’t for some reason or another.  Then it got worse.  I was reading a certain article where the author was talking about the low value that society places on marriage these days.  Divorce is shockingly common, both in Christian and Non-Christian circles.

People are so excited to get married, (that’s a good thing!), but unfortunately marriages break down at an alarming rate because of lack of communication within the marriage and before you know it, the same couple who was so excited to be married just can’t wait to get divorced.  It’s a shame.  One blogger on Boundless talks about the advent of “No Fault Divorce.”

Before the advent of “No Fault Divorce” people actually had to have good reasons for getting divorced, (there are very few good reasons for getting divorced.)  Better communication can solve most marital problems anyway.  Now, with the advent of “No Fault Divorce” people can now get divorced for no reason, or trivial reasons like “we’re bored.”  So now instead of “‘Til Death Do Us Part”  it’s more like “‘Til We Don’t Love Each other Anymore.”

“No Fault Divorce” has a very negative effect on society from what I can see.  Divorce in general has a negative effect on society, however this No Fault version discourages any sort of problem solving within a marriage, thus the two people cannot grow closer to one another and learn about the other person’s needs in order to fulfill them and try and save the marriage.

It seems like the current trend is to get married and then not work at it, and then people wonder why it falls apart.

Marriage is one of the most sacred and fulfilling things people can do with their lives.  However, nothing worth doing ever comes without some effort.  If you’re both working at it, the load is much easier to carry throughout life ’til death does you part.

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