You May Wear Too Much AXE

You all know what AXE is, there’s no doubt you’ve smelled it.  Axe is this “deodorant” that according to the adds will make super sexy women unable to resist your smell causing them to jump on you, lay on you, and run their fingers through your hair…or sleep with you.  See the two examples below.



These commercials cannot be what actually happens.  Yet men actually believe this and buy the stuff.  AXE has gone to so much trouble trying to convince men of these sorts of fantasy events that some of their commercials are banned…but can still be found on Youtube.


Axe will not turn you into a superhero…or an astronaut.

I’ve talked to a lot of women who also don’t like the stuff.  So, guys you’re just wasting your time.   I want to impress girls as much as the next guy, possibly even more, but you have just as much luck wearing Old Spice or Speed Stick.  They get the job done and people don’t have to get sick from you, when you’re still four miles away from them. I don’t have environmental issues at all, but I start coughing every time I smell the stuff in large quantities.  If you’re still going to use axe, here is what you need to know.  You only need to spray it for half a second for it to really do its job.  Anything more is overkill.

Women will most likely like you a lot more if you let them breathe.

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