“You Will Be Visited By Three Spirits”

Last night, I was hanging out in dorm doing the typical Thursday Night thing … Homework.  A friend logs into Facebook chat and claims that he is a ghost.  So I go through my “Ghost Check List” to make sure he’s telling the “truth.”  He warned me that I would be visited by three spirits if I didn’t “pay some sort of food ransom.”  So I sat and waited for these three guys to show up.  As it turns out, only two showed up.  Now as far as my knowledge of ghosts goes, I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be transparent.  I could see these ghosts.  one was white and the other was bold enough to be blue!  I knew right away that these were no typical ghosts!  (in reality these ‘ghosts” were two of my friends.  They also forgot about the third “ghost!”  All in all it was a good try at a friendly prank, and it certainly broke up the monotony of the evening!  Yeah, I have some good friends!

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