YouTube Is Mad Because I Have An Add Blocker

I get it, YouTube.  You’re a large company that was built on two cent ad revenue at a time.  Always pinching the pennies.  Now you’re mad at me because I have an ad blocker on my computer for all the annoying pop ups that happen on any given website, most of which are not even yours.  You feel bad because you are missing out on the opportunity to make a meager bit more.  If you don’t you might not be able to buy bread.  Everybody needs to eat.

So sure, whine about my ad blocker all you want.  Are you saying that you can’t possibly circumvent it.  Google owns you.  They can do anything.  I have two on my phone and you still get around those.  What are you crying about?  Real unprofessional.  Why don’t you just do all ads and no videos?  Or only paying subscribers get to have their videos up or watch them?  There are so many ways you could have made this even worse.  Why stop here?

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