2011: The Year It Was

2011 was an eventful year for everyone I’m sure.  Here are some of my highlights of the year


We had record snowfall in that month in the city of Moncton.


We still had snow.  (Remember it’s Canada.)


We STILL had snow, but my family and I went on a Caribbean cruise in order to get away from it.  It was a good time.  We went to 4 countries in total.


I attended my first ever Spring Banquet at Crandall University.  (I had boycotted them in the past for stupid reasons…).

I finished up my final year of University at Crandall.


I had another Birthday.

I officially graduated from Crandall University.


Job Hunting


Work found! Ended up working at a Summer camp and made a lot of great friends!

Got to see U2 with my good friend (and fellow U2 fan) Chris Fraser.


Continued working at Camp.  It was stellar!


More job hunting (Summer doesn’t last forever…)

 My father, grandfather, and I took a trip down to New Hampshire Motor Speedway to see the racing action the weekend the Sprint Cup Series was in town (Kurt didn’t finish well that week).


More job hunting

Thanksgiving occurred, it was as good as ever!  (Remember, it’s Canada.)


More job hunting.


Christmas cantatas, lights, caroling parties, other Christmas parties

Christmas happened, it was good!….It’s always good!

…and now it’s New Year’s Eve…

What a year!

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