-22: What’s It Like?

Q:  What’s it like living day to day with low vision?
A:  I can try to describe it to you, but the truth of the matter is that you won’t fully understand unless you have low vision going on in your own life.  The truth is that my life is not that different from yours, assuming you are reading this from an industrialized country.  If not, all the better.  But I’m detracting from the point here.  the first moments of the morning are out of focus, but not foggy at all.  Then I put on my glasses and they help a lot.  It doesn’t make everything perfect, but it’s a lot better.  Then I go to work and put in a solid day.  The challenges here are minimal because I find ways to work around them.  If there were no challenges, nobody would ever go to work ever.  It’s all about finding strategies that work for me so I can provide as good a service as anyone else.  I walk anywhere I can.  If I need to go longer distances I make transportation plans ahead of time.  Same as anyone else would really, but with a few details changed since I’m not driving.  This is where having great friends comes into play.  Not just for drives, but hanging out after work too.  That part is the same as anyone else too.  I find it funny that people ask me about how different my life must be from theirs, just because I can’t see as far away as them.  Well, now you know it’s not.  I could have made this answer much shorter, but then you may not read it, or even believe me.  Everyone has things they want to accomplish in life. You find ways to make it work.  The same is true for me.

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  1. Lovin this little series !

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