Does Facebook Cause Lonlieness?

In the world of social networking we are more connected then ever before. We can write messages on the forum of our friends’ online lives.  People used to have actual real life conversations with people but with the advent of social networking these conversations seem to happen less and less.  According to a survey 25 percent of U.S. residents said they have no one to discuss important matters with (that percentage has tripled since 1984) and 25 percent of households in the U.S. are now single households (an increase from 7 percent since 1940) (Source:  I’m not saying people should stop using social networking…because I use it myself so that would be hypocritical.  all I’m saying is that if you have good friends and wish to keep them, you will have a much better chance if you talk to them face to face.  There’s nothing like being able to talk about the important issues, all the good and bad with a good, close friend.

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