FP Chapter 4: Crimson

Crimson as the true Queen of the Dalton Highway.  When mere men saw her flashing lights in the rear view mirror. they trembled in fear.  She was a Department of Transportation officer.  Just because she was a woman, did not give the truckers licence to trifle with her.  She was as strong and effective as any of the men out there.  Her fines were not cheap.  Nobody could talk their way out of a ticket with her.  She always got her man or woman.  Trucking infractions know no gender!

Her favourite captures were new drivers, as they were more likely to make mistakes.  When they did make mistake, Crimson was there to pounce.  The more tickets she wrote, the more money she made, the happier her department was with her performance.  It was that simple.  She spent her days cruising the 500 miles between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, executing justice,and always on the prowl for her next victim.

“Justice must happen, and money makes the world go round!”

That was Crimson’s long and complicated life motto.  She had to stick to her principals or she would be left with nothing after all.  Day after day sche cruised that highway.  Leering and looking.  Waiting for what would happen next.

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