It Won’t Kill Me

“It’s time for you to find a woman.” she said.  “Then you won’t be depressed anymore.”

Whoever said I was depressed though?

Then come the barrage of questions.

What if you’re single forever?
Who will take care of you when you’re old?
Who’s going to drive you around since you’re blind and can’t?

The Lord has taken care of me so far, I imagine He’ll keep doing it.

The truth is I’d love to be married, but I’m not yet.  That’s not the end of the world as so many people seem to describe it, at least the ones who talk to me about how I’m missing opportunities to grow as a person by not being married yet.  However, there or other people who miss out on opportunities to grow when they don’t have food, but do we ever think about them?

What about carrying on your family line?

In eternity the only family line that will matter is if we were adopted into Christ’s family or not.

But don’t you get lonely?

Yes, I am a human being.  I thought marriage would have  happened in my little five year old plan for my life.   But there are worse things to have to deal with than being lonely from time to time.   The point of life is not always to have someone to share it with, though I do hope it happens, but rather for God to change you into the kind of person He wanted you to be in the first place.  Sometimes he uses marriage to change us, for the rest singleness.  Neither state is better than the other in the long run, because we’ll all be single in heaven.  The only marriage will be between Christ and the Church.  The point of life here is to accomplish God’s will.  He knows me better than I do.  Sure, I feel like I’m a better team player and would like to accomplish his will with a wife at some point, but those motives could be secretly rooted in selfishness, and how do I know I won’t die tomorrow?  God is sovereign over my entire life.  He bought it, it’s His to do with how he sees fit.  It’s not about getting what I want.

I would never say that it’s bad to pursue marriage.  Marriage is just as good a calling, but right at this moment I’m single.  It’s not the end of the world, and it doesn’t mean I’ll be single forever.  However, if that does happen, it won’t kill me.  Everyone goes through a stage of singleness in their lives.  Mine is just a bit longer than the average person.  I can be useful to God in either state.

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