Privacy Is For Everyone

I just recently logged into MSN Messenger (yeah I still use that) and was immediately bombarded by another article proclaiming the break up of a relationship between two celebrities.  I’m not going to tell you their names because you probably already know, and it would defeat the purpose of this post.  This article went into great detail about their previous relationship, some things they did while it was hot, and why it fizzled out.  After reading this article…since it was there…my moral conscience returned to me and I wondered why do we feel the need to know about these things!  Break ups are never fun to begin with, let alone when everyone in the world knows that you’re now single.  How does this rapidly syndicated knowledge help that situation?  The majority of people who read that same article were most likely not living in the California area and were not friends with these people so it’s not like they could help them out.  Privacy is something that is greatly appreciated by the general public.  Why is there a double standard when it comes to celebrities?  How much more would celebrities appreciate the “luxury” of not having their personal lives on display?  They’d probably like it a lot!  By the way, celebrities are human beings too.  People need to know where the line is, how much knowledge is too much knowledge about particular celebrated individuals.  It is good to know when your favourite artist has released a new album…but do you really need to know what kind of underwear they wear?  Have people gotten so bored with their own lives that they must take pleasure in reading absolutely every private detail about some celebrity?  If you’re that bored and you’re still breathing at this point, you should go out and do something with your life that you enjoy. (Instead of wasting your time reading about the lives of other people in articles put up by gossip sites.)  Who knows? You might learn something cool about yourself!

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