The Dream From The Night On The Deck

I’m trapped in this metal tube inside a dark closet.
This small black dog enters.  Somehow he knows how to open the door.
Behind him, an old man enters.
The dog then proceeds to explain to me in perfect English why I am in that closet, though not how I got there.  His monologue is as follows:

“You know me as Charlie, but I go by another name.  I have been talking to this old man for years and now it is time to upload his thoughts and brain functions into your brain because we have deemed that you have enough space.”

So they start attaching electrodes to my head.  I don’t care for this.  I’m still trying to figure out how the dog can even talk, let alone decide whether I have enough space for the brain functions and thoughts of another person.  I have my own brain functions and thoughts too, you know.

I try to wake up as they’re rigging all of these wires and setting things up, but I can’t. So I call for help.

At this point my cousin hears me in real life and wakes me up.  Apparently I wasn’t too loud though.

I hope I don’t talk in my sleep again.  That was too weird.

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