TTD Chapter 11: Bridezillas

“Did you make plans with the photographer?”  “Did you book the caterer?”  “Did you book the band?”

Either Lawson or Ted could have been having any one of these conversations with their respective fiancees.  Just before Lawson was about to snap under all the seemingly last minute pressure he was facing, he uttered the most important sentence of his entire life.

“Allison, I love you.  Please give me an hour and a half to go mini golfing so I can think about all the plans I haven’t accomplished yet.”

“Fine! You had better not be running away on me!”  Allison replied.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”  Lawson said.

Upon arriving at the course, Lawson was standing in line to get a putter when he felt an hand on his shoulder.

It was Ted.

“Is this where everyone comes to think about last minute plans?”  Lawson asked.  “Congratulations on your engagement also.”

“Thanks, Lawson.”  Ted replied.

They selected clubs and played through the course.  Neither man kept score as there was too much on each of thier minds.

“Have you thought of a date yet?”  Lawson asked.

“I haven’t had to think of a single thing this entire process.”  Ted answered.  “There is still a lot for me to do.  I’m in the same boat as you.  Don’t worry.  As for the date, the only date the Church had available for me was the last Saturday in June.”

“That’s interesting…”  Lawson faltered.

“Why?’  Ted inquired.

“That’s the same date they gave us.”  Lawson revealed.

“No way!”  Exclaimed Ted.  “It’s probably too late to change anything now.”

“Looks like a clerical error will cause us to have a double wedding.  There’s no way either of us could have known since we made the same plans separately.  Can we agree to keep this a secret amongst ourselves?  I’m banking on the euphoria of the day to cover a multitude of sins.”  Lawson said.

“Sounds simple enough to me.”  Ted said.  “It’s settled.  It’ll be a surprise for everyone and twice the fun when the day arrives.”

“We can hope.”  Lawson shrugged.  “I have enough plans to make without trying to change the date and venue last minute.”

“Me too.”  Ted said.  “The important thing is that we all get married to the right people.”

Ted and Lawson lived in a part of the world where the trendy thing in marriage was to wed yourself, with the same amount of seriousness, to a tree, or a family pet,  til death did you part.  Ted’s most recent statement carried more weight than the usual levity it would provide.

“Right.  No pets allowed inside.  We don’t need any more confusion than there will be already.”  Lawson stated.

The two young men left the mini golf course not knowing who won.  Forced through circumstances to embark on this dangerous set of shenanigans, there was always hope that their fiancees would understand.

A man can dream, anyway.

Ted and Lawson returned to their homes to finalize plans.  Both hoping the road ahead wouldn’t be too bumpy.


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